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Houston LSE

Houston LSE is a wholly-owned Nigerian company with a vision to become a globally known logistics, supply chain management, and equipment leasing services partner to our clients.

Houston LSE was founded by like minds with over 45 years of combined experience providing services to the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry as well as maritime, telecommunications, power generation, agriculture and water distribution sectors of the Nigerian economy.

At Houston LSE our total focus is on supporting projects; to this end, we are giving our complete attention and commitment to strategic projects that will bring development to the country such as Onshore, Offshore, and Subsea Oil and Gas Projects, Power Generation, Telecommunication, Building Construction, Water Distribution, and Agricultural Projects. As a result of our commitment to total quality, Houston LSE has embarked on an ambitious investment strategy that will include the upgrading of our equipment and facilities mainly our marine transportation, cargo handling and storage, warehousing facilities, and the development of a state of the art maintenance workshop (jetty) to support our operations.

When cost-efficiency and time become a factor in the movement of personnel, materials, and goods, Houston LSE becomes your project partner of choice. Providing you reliable and seamless support services wherever, whenever, and however to the highest standards of health and safety.


Our vision is to become a globally known logistics, supply chain management, and equipment leasing company.


To set-up a technology-driven company that creates value-driven solutions that meet the specific project needs of our clients

our core values

Our commitment to excellence in service delivery has at its foundation our core values of:

  • Safety Best Practices
  • Quality no matter the cost
  • Fair Trading
  • Team Work

which reflects in our people, processes, and final products and services.

Brief History

Houston LSE was established to provide project support services to Houston-Tenecon Group Companies which is the parent company of Houston LSE.

Houston LSE operated as a department within Houston-Tenecon Group and provided services to only Houston-Tenecon Group companies, an offering which over time was extended to third party companies. Currently Houston-Tenecon Group owns controlling stake in Houston LSE.