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It is the policy of Houston LSE to:

Provide services that constantly meet the present and future needs of our customers, thereby gaining enthusiastic customer's trust and support.

Pursue continuous improvement in quality activity, so that each employee does his or her job right the first time. Eliminate barriers to creativity, so we can focus our collective genius on our customer’s requirements and provide unique products and services that are best in their classes in both functionality and reliability.

Create an environment for CLIENT quality management by developing an empowering vision that is communicated to our customers, so we can provide services that fully meet the requirement of our customers.

We pledge to continue this commitment to our customers with investment in research, development, and training that are well beyond industry norms.

Likewise, our continued commitment to service will be demonstrated with a growing list of options for customers’ education and support.

The employees of the company must follow procedures and perform their work following this policy.

Any activity that in the opinion of an employee cannot be carried out under this policy must be suspended and reported immediately to the relevant supervisor.

Line management is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

Download Our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

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